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Promethium is very intuitive to use and much faster than any other quantum chemistry tools we have. Our internal benchmarks suggest Promethium is more than 100x faster than our current tools.We like Promethium not only for its performance, but also for the fact that it's hosted on AWS, allowing us to consolidate all our digital tools onto one single platform”

“Director of Computational Chemistry at Top 15 Global Pharmaceutical Company

“We like Promethium because it is much faster than alternatives and we can access the best GPUs from NVIDIA on AWS.”

Computational Chemist, Commercial Promethium User

Take your computational chemistry to the next level with a modern GPU-powered platform

*DFT on up to 2,000 atom systems
Legacy DFT Tools
Legacy Force Field Tools
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Large System size
Pay-As-You-Go Pricing
graphic single point energy DFT

More than 10x faster calculations compared to legacy DFT tools

Have a lot of calculations to get through? Promethium's incredible speed can help you churn through your backlog and get results faster.

Is your ML model starved for vast amounts of high quality data?

Create a large, high-quality, transferable dataset from Promethium's GPU-powered DFT code.

Promethium's results come from flagship algorithms optimized to take advantage of the performance enhancements provided by GPUs

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Flagship algorithms for quantum chemistry
  • Modern and highly accurate hybrid Kohn-Sham density functional theory methods
  • High-quality Gaussian basis sets
  • Industry standard treatment of environmental, solvation, and dispersion effects
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Optimized for the most powerful GPU hardware
  • Written from the ground up for NVIDIA datacenter GPUs like A100
  • Novel QC Ware streaming algorithms achieve unprecedented computational speed
  • Extremely high throughput : power consumption ratio
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Coupled with the unlimited scalability of the cloud
  • Batch processing enables seamless analysis over whole databases of molecular systems
  • End-to-end workflows are automatically dynamically parallelized
  • Rapid turnaround of complete computational studies is routine

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