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Solve critical problems in drug discovery with our advanced molecular simulation platform. Identify target molecules more easily, accelerate drug development, and reduce costs. Our platform offers a scalable and flexible solution to help you revolutionize your drug discovery efforts.


Pump Up Your Pipeline Productivity

Our cutting-edge platform offers unparalleled speed, accuracy, and system size capabilities, enabling you to identify promising drug candidates and eliminate poor ones more quickly than ever before. Gain a competitive edge and pave the way for the next scientific breakthrough.
ab initio Guided Drug Discovery - Quantum Chemistry Techniques at Scale

Our Workflows

Learn how Promethium can help with these pharmaceutical workflows

Interaction Energies

Quantify the energy between interacting molecules (e.g. a small molecule inhibitor in a binding pocket) using only their coordinates as input.

Identify lowest energy conformers

Locate all low-energy conformers corresponding to a single input structure.

Reaction coordinates of warheads

Understand the path that the atoms and molecules of the warhead follow as they undergo a chemical reaction, and how it can be optimized for maximum energy release.