Frequently asked questions

Can QC Ware employees access customer data?

At QC Ware, trust and data security is our highest priority. This includes restricting access to customer data by QC Ware personnel and subcontractors. If a customer requests for QC Ware to assist with their data, QC Ware follows a strict process that audits and logs all access to customer data and grants the least privilege that's required to complete the task.

How is molecule data secured in Promethium? How does QC Ware treat proprietary information uploaded to the cloud?

All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. We use AES 256 encryption. We also have a large set of security, privacy, and compliance controls implemented that we’re happy to share upon request. Additionally, we’re in the process of obtaining ISO27001 certification.

Do you offer programmatic / API access?

Programmatic access via REST API is currently in development. Contact your sales representative or our team for timelines

Do you have single sign-on (SSO)?

Yes, we can support SSO. Contact your sales representative or our team to enable this capability.

Do you have multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

Yes, users can activate multi-factor authentication. Customer admin users can also mandate MFA for all users within their organization.

What are the billing / invoicing options for Promethium?

Option 1: Customers can use their existing AWS marketplace subscription. With this option, customers will never receive a bill or invoice directly from QC Ware. Instead, customers will see Promethium usage as a line item on their invoice from AWS. 

Option 2: For customers who don’t want to go through AWS marketplace and prefer to purchase Promethium directly from QC Ware, we can invoice customers directly.

How many workflows can I have running at any given time?

Thanks to the scalability of the cloud, there is no limit to how many workflows you can have running concurrently.

Which job types support batch workflows?

Single Point Calculation, Geometry Optimization, and Transition State Optimization. We are working to enable batch workflows for additional job types. Contact your sales representative or our team for timelines.

How many molecules/tasks can be submitted in parallel within a single batch workflow?

With REST API access, customers can submit up to 10k molecules at a single time for a batch workflow submission. With GUI, we recommend up to 100 molecules per batch workflow submission.