Promethium Pricing - SaaS

Commercial Pricing
Nov 1, 2023 onwards
Academic Pricing
Standard Compute (A100)
$30 per compute hour*
$20 per compute hour*
Basic Compute (V100)
$18 per compute hour*
$14 per compute hour*

Pricing set forth on this page is for SaaS only.

*Compute time shall accrue for actively running jobs and is billed by the second. For example, if a geometry optimization job runs on Standard Compute for 30 seconds at $30/hr, the fee calculation would be 30 seconds of Standard Compute time divided by 3600 seconds/hour times $30/hour = $0.25. If multiple jobs are submitted and running in parallel, each job incurs compute time separately. For example, two geometry optimization jobs running on Standard Compute at the same time for 30 seconds would cost 2 * $0.25 = $0.50. Customers don't accrue compute time for user time in the Promethium SaaS application other than job run time.

Free Trial: For a limited time, all new customers will receive free credit good enough for up to 20 hours of Standard Compute time or 33 hours of Basic Compute. All credit must be used within 21 days of new customer sign-up or will otherwise expire without any compensation. The free trial ends upon the sooner of the use of all credit and/or 21 days after new customer sign-up.  After the free trial, all compute time will be subject to the fees set forth above. Each customer is only eligible for one free trial, and QC Ware reserves the right to cancel any account and/or free credit if it determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, that an account has been created to circumvent this limitation.

For AWS marketplace customers, fees will be billed through Amazon Marketplace based on $.01 compute “units”. For example, if a customer accrues 2 hours of Standard Compute time at $30/hour the customer will be billed for 6,000 compute units at $.01/unit for a total charge of $60.

For informational purposes only, Promethium admin users can view compute usage in Promethium under “Settings”. While QC Ware endeavors to make this information accurate, to the extent reported information is delayed and/or inaccurate, actual customer use will be used to calculate applicable fees.