Promethium Pricing

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Cost example

How much does it cost to simulate 1,000 systems?

1,000 x 100-atom systems

Legacy Chemistry
Simulation Code(s)

+13 days of waiting
Total cost


with results in ~15 hours
Total cost







c5n.metal on AWS
Standard compute (A100)
Example ran 1,000 single point energy DFT calculations on the A-FL172 organoruthenium complex. Using ωB97M-V level of theory

Our pricing

Pricing overview

Special Intro Pricing Available!
per hour
Invoiced monthly
Billed by the second
No term requirement
Academic Pricing
33% discount
per hour
Invoiced monthly
Billed by the second
No term requirement
Volume Discounts
Invoiced upfront
12 month expiry term
Product access includes:
Perform ab lnitio calculations on up to 2,000 atom systems
Leverage scalable cloud computing via AWS
Access through a web-based graphical user interface
Full support for complex systems:
Elements: Hydrogen through radon
Metals and ions
High angular momentum orbitals
Environments including solvents
Featured workflows:
Conformer Search
lnteraction Energy
Torsion Scan
Reaction Path Optimization
Transition State Optimization
Geometry Optimization