Promethium Pricing

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Cost example

How much does it cost to simulate 1,000 systems?

1,000 x 100-atom systems

Legacy Chemistry
Simulation Code(s)

+13 days of waiting
Total cost


with results in ~15 hours
Total cost







c5n.metal on AWS
Standard compute (A100)
Example ran 1,000 single point energy DFT calculations on the A-FL172 organoruthenium complex. Using ωB97M-V level of theory

Our pricing

Pricing overview

Special Intro Pricing Available!
per hour
Invoiced monthly
Billed by the second
No term requirement
Volume Discounts
Invoiced upfront
12 month expiry term
Product access includes:
Perform ab lnitio calculations on up to 2,000 atom systems
Leverage scalable cloud computing via AWS
Access through a web-based graphical user interface
Full support for complex systems:
Elements: Hydrogen through radon
Metals and ions
High angular momentum orbitals
Environments including solvents
Featured workflows:
Conformer Search
lnteraction Energy
Torsion Scan
Reaction Path Optimization
Transition State Optimization
Geometry Optimization