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July 25, 2023
9:00 am
4:00 pm

Introducing Promethium

Next-generation quantum chemistry simulation
QC Ware

Join us to learn about Promethium

Promethium is a revolutionary chemistry simulation platform developed by QC Ware, that will significantly accelerate the drug, material, and chemical discovery process. With its exceptional speed, accuracy, and system size capabilities, Promethium has the potential to transform the industry and bring immediate value to customers in areas like pharma and materials science.

Hear from the experts

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Live Q&A

Whether you're trying to discover the next blockbuster drug or developing more advanced materials, join us on July 25th to learn how Promethium can help you make breakthrough discoveries and take your research to the next level.


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Yianni Gamvros
Yianni Gamvros
SVP, Sales & Marketing
Alicia Rae Welden
Alicia Rae Welden
Technical Account Manager
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